Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Bit of Review

Another year flying past us.  Good god, where does the time go?

Thank you to all of you that visit and read our blog.  We are delighted that so many people find what I have to say the least bit interesting.  I hope you'll continue to read in 2011.  I promise to try to be more interesting.

I had hoped to summarize 2010 in a short paragraph followed by a 2 minute slideshow of pictures but that 2 minute slideshow turned into...slightly longer and so did the paragraph.

In the past 365 days, Adam attended his yearly man's weekend at Hocking Hills, Jude turned 1, Adam and Jonah went to Disney World, took my first European business trip to Vienna, spent most of the year trying to figure out what in the hell was wrong with Jude's digestive system, Jonah got his first filling, lost a friend to lung cancer, our good friend Crystal visited from Buenos Aires, tried to sell our Tipp City house, rented our Tipp City house, bought a new house. Jude began growing hair on the side of his head, Jonah completed his first year of preschool, Jonah turned 4 and learned to ride a bike without training wheels, still trying to figure out what's wrong with Jude, Adam spent an absurd amount of time and resources watering the grass, giggled at how much the boys look alike, attended lots of birthday parties, weddings and baby showers, bought a minivan, cooked a lot of meat on a stick, were featured in two newspapers (here and here), the boys attempted to take a gymnastics class, moved the swing set from the Tipp City house to our new house, were honored to be in our friend's Dave and Jenn's wedding, celebrated our 9th anniversary and 32nd birthdays, Jonah started pre-kindergarten, took Jude to a few more doctor's appointments, vacationed in the Outer Banks, came back with a new hair style, decided road trips with kids suck, took Jonah to the doctor to correct his naughtiness, enjoyed our first Halloween in our fabulous neighborhood, walked for lung cancer, went to Chicago for a business trip while Adam suffered through hell, noticed Jude seems to be feeling better, still disappointed in my Wii Fit age, took thousands and thousands of pictures, agreed that we're likely done having babies, read a lot of Scooby Doo books and survived Christmas.


  1. Uggh. How does one decide they are likely done having babies? Any pointers? I am torn. Loved the slideshow and the paragraph! Happy 2011!!

  2. Leah, I think we both want another baby but we just can't handle it. Everything is so crazy all the time. It's a little much sometimes. I should try to be less uptight. That would help:)

  3. My favorite has to be Jude's look on his face in his halloween costume. I love when Jude smiles, but the look on his face when he isn't sure why he is in this costume cracks me up.