Monday, December 6, 2010

Lung Cancer Sucks

November was lung cancer awareness month.  My company sponsored interested staff to participate in a lung cancer run/walk.  Our family walked in honor of our friend's mom Kitty Lobo and my grandma on Kevin's side of the family, who both lost their lives to lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a nasty disease that deserves more funding, respect and screening programs associated with so many of the other cancers.  Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in America but receives less funding than the others.  Next time someone tells you that someone they know has lung cancer, don't ask if they smoked.  Almost 20% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers or former smokers.  You wouldn't ask a heart attack victim if they ate too many Big Mac's, would you?  What should you do...encourage your friends and family to quit smoking immediately.  I've got my work cut out for me!  Let the nagging begin.

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