Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jude's First Birthday Party

Jude's first birthday party was last night here at our house, despite the snow. Rescheduling it was not an option as we had already ordered the food and Adam & Jonah are leaving for Florida next weekend. So, the party must go on with or without much of our family as they were snowed in under 12"+ of snow.

We decorated the house with Hey Jude records, record bowls and a wall-sized picture and video slideshow of the birthday boy (movie below). The four of us even wore coordinating Beatles t-shirts. We ate pasta and salad listened to the pitter patter (or loud thumping) of all the kids run through the house.


Mural Slideshow

Video for Mural Slideshow

A rare shot of the four of us

Jude was less than thrilled about getting messy with his cupcake. He shivered every time he tried to take a bite and just wasn't having it. He did enjoy the ice cream Poppy shared with him though.



Cake video

Present time brought all kinds of wonderful toys and clothes. I think Jonah is enjoying the toys more than Jude:)

Jude with one of his new toys from Aunt Georgia

Thank you to everyone for enjoying the party with us. If you weren't able to attend, stop by to get your party favor.

And only six more months until Jonah's party...

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