Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 Years

We are celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary today! Amazing. It feels not a day over 8 1/2 years:)

I put together a slideshow of pictures starting from the early years with some pics as far back as our Junior year in high school. We look like babies. We seem to have no pictures from the time we actually met, back in 1994 when we were on 12! Probably for the best as that was not a particularly fabulous stage in our adolescence (pimples, awkwardness and all).

We celebrated with the stomach flu (Adam), working (Mandy), screeching (Jude) and getting dirty (Jonah). We also made a fancy dinner of chicken on a stick and played Candy Lane.

You all knew I wasn't going to get mushy. Just look at the slideshow. You'll feel warm inside.

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