Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plus What!

Jude has allergies. Not a big surprise. We've been working through several allergy and digestive issues. Things have gotten so much worse in the last week. Poop and allergic food is commonly dinner conversation between Adam and me. Anyone want to come over for dinner?

We really couldn't do anything about these issues until they could draw blood for an allergy test. On the FOURTH attempt to get blood, we finally filled that little vial. And yesterday...the results arrived:

Milk +3
Wheat +3
Corn +2
Peanuts +3
Soy +3
Egg +4
All other nuts +1

I know it could be so much worse but this was at least a little devastating to hear. Egg and soy were no surprise and we suspected that milk, wheat and corn were not always tolerated well, but it was shocking to see how allergic he was to them and we had no idea about peanuts and nuts.

Adam and I spent the better part of our afternoon on the phone with specialists and figuring out what to do next. We were lucky to get an appointment with a pediatric allergist on Friday and a pediatric GI appointment on this coming Wednesday at Cincinnati Children's. We'll also be seeing a nutritionist. We're hoping to have some sort of treatment, and hopefully improvement, before our vacation to the Outer Banks.

After all the phone calls, I went to the store for more groceries (what's another $50 when you've already spent $1000 on groceries this month). I spent two hours cooking up a yummy, healthy stew that Jude could eat. He refused to even taste it. Jonah ate an entire bowl and I didn't even have to put it on a stick.

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  1. Found this site, which doesn't have a ton of recipes and not completely kid-friendly... but it's a start. And their search option is cool with how you can rule out recipes by allergy.