Sunday, July 11, 2010

No more training wheels

Adam woke up Sunday morning and decided he was going to teach Jonah to ride a bike without training wheels. We've given this a feeble attempt two times before. I think the second time Jonah had lost interest in trying before Adam even got the training wheels off.

This time, they started off at the top of the yard aiming slightly downhill. He held Jonah up at the top of the hill and Jonah pedaled down the hill and balanced the entire way. He lightly tumbled over at the bottom and turned around and walked his bike up the hill to start again. This is what Adam tells me as I was trying to get the camera ready and had to save Jude from one of the many falls he takes in any given day (see clip below):

His next attempt was flawless (see clip below):

A few more attempts and he was ready to move to the sidewalk. He decided to start at the top of the driveway and ride through the grass to get to the sidewalk. Strange approach but we let him do it. He did great. Apparently, it was such a great plan that we all followed him. The clip below is a weird video of Adam, Jude and me all running with Jonah. So strange. I think the weirdest part is that none of us say anything???

We're so proud of him. Adam has reminisced all day about the day he learned to ride a bike. Making memories.

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