Friday, September 17, 2010


I can't believe it's taken me so long to finally blog about this! This completes me as a blogging mommy...I have two kids, enjoy scrap booking and now drive a minivan. The world has come to an end.

Adam has been hinting at how wonderful it would be to have a minivan. Our tiny subcompact cars are economical but leave us very little room for strollers, diaper bags, toys, laptops and the 14 coffee cups that can be found in either of our cars at any given time. We are taking a road trip in a few weeks and had decided to rent a minivan as squeezing in our luggage, toys, bikes, Jude's food and all the other necessities would be an impossibility.

I was, at first, strongly opposed to this purchase. Minivans are NOT cool. Neither am I, so why would I want to fly that flag and become an even bigger dork? The thought of becoming a soccer mom that carpools and flaunts her stick figure decals in the back windshield made me want to buy high-waisted mom jeans and watch Regis and Kelly.

But, in the end, the minivan is just so practical. There's plenty of seating for additional guests and lots of room for the outrageous amount of stuff needed to go anywhere, especially on a road trip. So, we swallowed our pride, found a good deal on a used minivan and signed on the dotted line. To make it cooler, though, I drive with the windows down and turn up my favorite Mandy Moore song. That totally makes up for it...

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