Monday, August 16, 2010

Jenn's Wedding Shower & Bachelorette Party

Friends Jenn and Dave are getting married this coming Friday at Benham's Grove in Centerville. Adam and I are thrilled to both be in the bridal party along with Jonah as a ring bearer. Dave & Jenn make an awesome couple. It's going to be a great wedding.

The bridal shower was a couple weeks ago and the bachelorette party just this past weekend. Adam also attended the bachelor party Saturday night. No one brought a camera to that party. Let's all be glad.

The shower was a nice and proper event filled with food, games and gifts - the essentials for a shower.

The bachelorette party was an 80's themed blowout at Jenn's house with 15 of her friends and family members. Many of us dressed up in ugly 80's costumes and embraced what I think was the worst fashion phase in the history of my life. The ugly teal plaid dress is my costume, but I looked more like a lame, frumpy teacher than anything else.

Tangent: We are still meeting many people in our neighborhood. I'm getting ready for the party and the doorbell rings. Oh my god, I'm wearing this ugly dress! At the door are neighbors I've never met. I can't even introduce myself until I blurt out that the atrocious dress is a costume for an 80's party. I said it so many times. I don't think they believed me. Now I'm going to have to go shopping and buy something really stylish and contemporary and make a special trip to their house so they believe me.

Back to the party. Leah prepared dinner for everyone. I can't remember everything she cooked, but it was AWESOME. There were quesadillas, buffalo chicken wontons, fresh salsa, gourmet s'mores and so much more. More importantly, she did this with great ease, a quality I very much envy. While I love to entertain, I'm usually quite stressed about it. Mellow as a mushroom. So jealous.

And then. Yes. There were gifts. Lots of them. The porn has been edited out of the slideshow. I'm not kidding:) And there was drinking, giggling, drinking, snacking, a rubix cube cake, jelly bracelets, a lot of 80's music (but only the first 30 seconds of each song because the "DJ" was feeling unsettled with her selections) and then more drinking and I finally passed out at 2:30 and Jen, Jenn & Jeanette at 4:00.

I came home the next morning and CRASHED for a three hour nap and Adam left for Columbus for the bachelor party. I'm not proud to say that it took us several days to recover and not from the drinking, but rather just being up so late. Good god we are old.

With no further ado, here are the [extremely edited] pictures from the bachelorette party and also the wedding shower.

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