Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You must enjoy the torture

If you read our blog, you must like the torture, at least a little. Here is a 7+ minute slideshow of our vacation to the Outer Banks. At least the music is good.

We had such an amazing time on this vacation. Days were fun-filled and evenings included lots and lots of calories. We didn't eat out much because Jude is a nightmare to take to a restaurant at this age. We cooked most meals at home, hung out on the balcony, listened to the ocean and went to bed early. We filled our days with shopping, relaxing at the beach, hiking up the sand dunes, flying kites, climbing a lighthouse, a Jeep beach tour and swimming in the heated pool.

The entire vacation was awesome! That's not true...the drive sucked! It was horrible! I really want to go back next year but can't imagine being stuck in the car with the boys for that long again. It took us 16 scream-filled hours to get home. Ugh!

Ok, ok. Here is the slideshow. Refill your [coffee, water, beer] before playing. It's a long one.


  1. I like your video -- especially the stuff with Jonah during Five Years Time!

  2. I loved it. I can't believe how blond Jude has gotten and how the boys look JUST alike. I loved the pic of the boys on the beach with the kiss...Mandy, you look awesome. I also love the snippet with Jonah and the sticks. Just great.

  3. Thanks! Five Years Time is so fun.

    They do look so much alike! It cracks us up. It doesn't help that we keep their hairstyle the same and often dress them alike. I just can't resist.