Thursday, November 4, 2010


Halloween was so much fun in our new neighborhood.  We had a lot of trick or treaters.  Adam's parents came for a visit to see Jonah and Jude in their costumes.  We twisted their arms into passing out candy so Adam and I could take the boys trick or treating together as a family.  It was really wonderful, and we had a great time!

As we were making our way back to our house, Jonah said he wished he had dressed up as a vampire.  We told him that is a great idea for next year.  Then, he saw a little boy walking ahead of us with a pillow case for his candy.  Jonah said, "Look Mommy, that boy is dressed as a pillow!"  That's the cutest thing he's ever said.

Jonah dressed as Wolverine from X-Men and Jude as a monkey with Adam

Jonah was so excited to use his flashlight but never turned it on.
Jonah showing off his Wolverine skills

Cute little Jude in his monkey suit.  You may remember this costume from a couple of years ago when Jonah wore it.
Jonah dressed as a monkey in 2007.  It looks like Jude, but it really is Jonah.

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