Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving, Cupcakes and Vespas

It was a perfect Thanksgiving.  Jonah got to ride Jason's Vespa scooter and Jude got chocolate cupcakes, a baking technique that Kate has perfected.  Baking for Jude involves rice milk, vinegar and other weird ingredients.  They actually taste really good though.  She made enough to last through adolescence so we froze them and plan to bring them out for each holiday so he can have special treats with the rest of us.

Bear with me as I catch up on a few of the most recent events.  I know everyone has already moved onto to Christmas, but I've been busy.

Jason & Jonah preparing for their first ride together

Looking so cool

My nephew Blake with Jason

Pa and Jude.  He wanted to ride so bad.  Poor thing.

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