Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've gotta feeling...

I can feel it.  The fog is lifting.  A monster kidnapped by creativity for the past several months causing me to lose all available time and creative capacity for blogging.  I think and complain about it constantly as I love blogging and hope I haven't lost all followers.  I'll be on in full force this weekend with some new pictures, stories and information you can definitely live without.  I promise to bring more meaningful information in 2011 than pictures of my kids and stories about Jude's health.

Hope everyone is feeling the holiday spirit.  We're looking forward to "the big morning" with the boys although we haven't purchased a SINGLE GIFT, not even one.  Ugh, we have so much to do...

Here is Jonah kicking off the holiday season at Nana & Poppy's on Thanksgiving morning

Show a little respect for the scholar
Pictured in the new fashion line with glasses by Uncle Jason and Shirt by Grandma Candy

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  1. Alas -- those aren't my glasses because my head is smaller than a child's. True story. Those are Jason's. That's right, a FOUR-year-old can pretty much pull off Jason's glasses better than I can.