Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here I Go Again...

Sorry.  My brain is stuck in this mode of being very overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of life these days.  I keep telling myself that the closure of summer will make our lives a little more relaxed but who am I kidding...Christmas is right around the corner.  Nothing will be slowing down until January.  Work for Adam and me is nuts, crazy, out of control, drowning in work.  And then there are the doctors appointments, a home renovation, our rental property, blah, blah, blah.  Blogging is a luxury I just haven't indulged in lately.

We're been sure to squeeze in some fall festivities.  We made a super quick stop at the Fulton pumpkin patch, played in the leaves and trick or treat was a blast - Jonah as Wolverine and Jude as a monkey.  Pictures to come soon I promise.  Here's a snippet of Jude taken while raking leaves.

This is all the time I have for now.  Have a great week!

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