Monday, July 5, 2010

Will you breed again?

I think it's a perfectly natural question to ask of a family still in their childbearing years. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY? People are so curious about this and have been asking a lot lately. Why is that? Are we like watching a train wreck, entertainment value to watch as we struggle along? I'm quite sure it isn't because people think we've got it all figured out and have extra time in our lives for another tantrum-throwing, pooping, but of course amazing and perfect, little creature.

Adam and I are very much undecided about this topic. We have what we refer to as "2 days" and "3 days." Some days, the two children we have are too much to handle. Other days, we say "Man, we've got this controlled chaos thing down to a science - let's have another.

Number 3 is a big decision though. It means an even bigger daycare bill, which has now surpassed our mortgage payment. It means a new car because kids have to sit in a car seat these days until they're like 25 years old and our cars only accommodate 2 car seats. It means that I have to be pregnant and nursing again for what seems like an eternity - Adam would painfully agree.

I have the utmost respect for big families. It takes a certain personality to do it - the right way. Say what you will about Kate Gosselin but she does a much better job than I could ever do with 8 kids. I think I'd jump off of a cliff!

The other day I was grocery shopping with both boys. I think Adam was still at work. Jude is like Houdini and get can out of any seatbelt. He was continually standing up in the grocery cart. Jonah was knocking things over with each corner we went around. I had no idea what I was buying and was just throwing things in my cart without checking labels and prices - dangerous with Jude's allergies but what could I do. While all this insanity was ensuing, a woman with four kids came cruising by - silently. There was one child in the seat and the other three were riding on the outside of the cart while she referenced her shopping list and looked through coupons. She made me look like a complete retard. How does she do that? Some people just have what it takes.

I can tell you this with great certainty, there will be no accidents and it won't be for quite some time. Until then, you can usually watch the spectacle at the Springboro Kroger grocery store on Saturday mornings.

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