Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2009 Blog Entries

Conversations with a 3-year old

Jonah: "How do I get these bones out of my legs so I can wash 'em up and put 'em back in?"

Mommy: "Huh?"

Jonah: "One day a squirrel got in my blood and ate my pee-pee?"

Mommy: "Huh?"

My Sister Jude

Jonah made a Thanksgiving place mat at school yesterday. We're still working with him on gender differences.

He wrote the first two letters of his name and drew our family, all new developments for him. Preschool and Janice are so great!

Nice Hair

Our Weekend in Review

Our weekend in review...

Chili dinner at the Pressel's, 3.5 mile bike ride with the boys and their cousins, movie night with two not so great movies and a pizza and popcorn picnic on a blanket during the movie, 2 hours in the playroom with Jonah, raked leaves again, cooked yummy dinner. Awesome weekend!

My first office

I moved into my first office yesterday at work. Very exciting. I have a lot of junk to put away but it's pretty awesome.


Who knew one little letter could make you so proud. Jonah wrote the letter J last night on the chalkboard. It's his first letter. Ms. Meredyth at preschool and Janice have both been working on writing, letters and tracing. It appears to be paying off.

P.S. I take no credit in this amazing development. Only spending two hours each day with your kids after work doesn't lend itself to a lot of educational activities. Although we did find time to teach him how to detect a gas leak this weekend with a soapy water bottle...

October Update

Hi Everyone! October came and went in a flash. Here are the highlights from the month.

The boys are great. Jude just turned 9 months old and is crawling, pulling himself up on furniture and cruising around. I don't think he's anywhere close to walking but he gets into soooo much trouble crawling. There's an injury at least every five minutes. He had his first black eye from a fall a week or so ago. He's tough as nails though and rarely cries. I asked Jonah how Jude got the black eye and he said, "Um...I think it was like a sledgehammer or something." I think it was the coffee table, not a sledgehammer. Jude is getting tons of teeth. #3, 4 and 5 all came in at once, causing lots of sleepless nights and fussy evenings but seems to be better the last couple days (until the next tooth comes in). He continues to shock us with his size. He is growing out of 12 month clothes already. His 1st birthday is only 3 months away. I bet you are all anxiously anticipating your invitation:)

Jonah is enjoying preschool and looking forward to Christmas. He dressed up as a Pollen Jock from The Bee Movie for trick or treat. He wanted nothing to do with the stuffing in the costume to make him round like a bumble bee, so he was a very slim bee. He's sporting a big boy haircut these days but I don't have any pictures to post. I'll get them up soon.

The house is still for sale. There has been a consistent stream of traffic coming through it but still no offers. We're worried that it might not sell this year. Once the holidays come, no one will be buying homes.

There are lots of blog entries to read and pictures to view in the October 2009 folder of the photo gallery. Matt & Becca's wedding pictures are also up. Enjoy!

Mandy, Adam, Jonah & Jude

Playing in the Leaves

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