Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 2009 Blog Entries

Christmas Pictures

A few photos from Christmas are in the December 2009 folder of the photo gallery. Below are shots of Jonah coming down the stairs Christmas morning to see Santa's presents and his favorite present - the Superman costume. Not too many great pictures of Jude on Christmas. He was more interested in the bows and fell asleep before we finished opening presents at two of the parties. Party Pooper!

More Conversations with a 3 Year Old

"I like to stare at people because my eyeballs have power!"

"That snow is upside down," as he picked an icicle off a car and ate it.

Our Favorite Blogs

We have added a new section to the site titled "Our Favorite Blogs." This is a list of our favorite blog sites. Many of our family and friends are blogging about their experiences. Adam and I love to read about this. Please let me know if I have forgotten anyone's blog page. I'd love to add it to our list.

Whew! We survived...

Wow! Christmas was great. Christmas was exhausting. The boys got one of everything. Santa, family & friends were so generous. Thank you to everyone for the gifts, love and great company. I will post pictures this week.

Merry Christmas

Best Buds

Jonah is thrilled that Jude is finally old enough to play. I know Jonah is still waiting for Jude to be able to walk and run so they can chase each other!

My first product review

I'm not what you would call a "brand loyal" person. I buy what's cheap, as long as it works. For the most part, the cheap, off-brand products are just fine for us. I have always been a Shout or store brand girl when it comes to stain remover. After throwing out several of the boys' outfits from stubborn stains and listening to Jen rave about the Oxy-Clean stain remover, I decided to give it a shot. Yep, Oxy-Clean gets ANY stain out...blueberries, grape juice, grease, blood and whatever god awful mess boys get into - including the grown boy in my life:)2009.12.21
A visit with Santa and a trip to the Tykes Shop

We visited Santa and the boys did great. Jonah gave Santa quite a long list of toys he wanted:)

We spent Saturday morning with Mamaw, Papaw, Uncle Jon, Aunt Erika, Zack and Alex on a trip to the Tykes Shop where the boys got to pick out gifts for Mommy, Daddy and Baby Jude. I can't wait to see what he picked out???

Jonah's Christmas Party at School

Save the Date for the Jude Extravaganza

Jude will be turning 1 in less than two months. Save the Date for his 1st birthday party on Saturday, February 6th. We're not sure how we'll fit everyone in our house but we'll find a way!


Jude has his 9 month well-child appointment this morning (one month late). He's healthy and big! He weighs 22 pounds, 6 ounces and is 46.5 cm tall. He's 75th percentile for weight and 95th for height.

We also measured Jonah at the appointment. He's grown 2.5 inches since this summer! He's now 38.5 inches tall.

He and Jonah both received their h1n1 vaccinations today. What a relief!

My new boyfriend

For my birthday, Adam got me a boyfriend! Isn't that great!!! For those of you that think it is a Ken doll, think again. It's Jacob Black from the Twilight movies.

November Update

Here is our November Update!

Everyone is healthy...for now! We're still waiting for the H1N1 vaccination but hope to get it soon. Both boys have been fighting minor colds for a few weeks but nothing serious.

Thanksgiving was great as always. Jude pigged out on mashed potatoes, stuffing and bread while Jonah stuck with the fruit - a choice he often makes over cake & ice cream???

Jude took his first step on Thanksgiving day. He's getting better and better everyday. He's so pleased with himself and sometimes even claps when he walks. Too cute.

I was gone the last week of November on a business trip to Chicago. The trip was a huge success! Meanwhile, Adam played Mr. Mom to the boys. Janice was so nice to take the boys overnight one night so Adam could work late. Aunt Georgia put in a 12 hour day with them too!!! I bet she slept for days after that:) My mom & Adam's mom split the last day of the trip. Thanks to everyone for the help. We are very appreciative.

The house is still for sale. Traffic has really slowed down since Thanksgiving. I think we're going to be there until spring. On the up-side, we've had the most wonderful weekends with the boys because we do not have any house projects in progress. It's amazing how much time and effort we have dumped into our house the past few years.

Our house is buzzing with Christmas discussion. We're hoping to meet Santa later this week. Pictures to come soon.

Hope everyone is well. Have a great Christmas if I don't speak with you in the next couple weeks.

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