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October 2009 Blog Entries


Jonah and Jude dressed up last night for trick and treat and made our way to Nana & Poppy's and back. Our Pollen Jock and dinosaur were so cute! GG, Pa and Mamaw Duncan arrived for a pre-trick or treat photo op and Pa was so nice to stick around to trick or treat with us since Adam was in Madison, WI. Thanks Pa!

Jonah also had his preschool Halloween party yesterday. It was a fun-filled day!

Extra Extra Read All About It

The kiddos made the news. Their picture was in IN-75 Magazine that my cousin Matt writes.

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins last night. It was such a warm night that we were able to do it on the deck. Adam is out of town so I kept Jude busy with a little snack in the exersaucer while Jonah and I carved the pumpkins. Jonah was pretty grossed out by the pumpkin "guts" at first but decided it was ok after a few minutes. The next two nights we will be finishing Jonah's halloween costume.

Jonah's Preschool Pictures

Isn't he adorable!!!

Pulmonologist Update

Jude had an appointment today with the pulmonologist. We were hoping it would be the last time but it didn't turn out that way. The doctor wants to continue seeing him. He said Jude's larynx is still not strong enough. He's been struggling a little with this cold he has. It's been interfering with his ability to suck from a bottle and he chokes a lot on food. Poor little thing. Other than that, he's doing really well. He weighed in at 20 pounds 14 ounces and 29 inches long! He's huge. He oxygen saturation remains at 100% thankfully.

The Pumpkin Patch

We visited the pumpkin patch at Fulton Farms last weekend with the Behm's and the Bayman's. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time! Jude ate a leaf and Jonah peed in the pumpkin patch. It was a typical Pressel outing for us:)

The boys are doing well. They are both getting over this cold that's been going around. They got their flu shots last night but are still waiting for the h1n1 to arrive to Miami County. Jude just got his 3rd tooth and will visit the pulmonologist tomorrow - hopefully for the last time. Jonah's toenail is starting to grow back. There was a possibility it wouldn't grow back...ever! Gross.

I've been traveling for work and Adam's leaves for a business trip this weekend. I'm out of town again 2 or 3 times in November. No fun!

We have a 3rd showing today on our house. The people looking at it today just got a contract on their house. We're hoping to get an offer from them:)

Zackary's birthday party

We celebrated with Zackary for his 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese's. Jonah had a great time. Happy Birthday Zack!

The germs are invading!

Washing hands, hand sanitizer, lysol, disinfectant wipes have proven ineffective. Our boys are getting this bug (not the flu) that's going around. It's wildly contagious. We heard that 210 students from Tipp high school were absent one day last week...that's 25% of their student population! We're crossing our fingers that Jude handles this okay. He is still at risk for complications from his laryngomalacia but we're hoping there won't be any problems.

Matt & Becca Bayman

Sorry it took me so long to blog about this. I didn't want to post any pictures from Matt & Becca's wedding until I delivered the pics to them. I'll work on getting them posted to the site.

Matt & Becca were married a little over a week ago at Bruce & Debbie's house. It was beautiful and a great time. Congrats to them both. They are a wonderful family.

Family Hike at Charleston Falls

We had a great and busy weekend. We looked at 13 houses Saturday morning. Matt & Becca's wedding was Saturday night - lots of pictures to come:)

Sunday included a hike at Charleston Falls and a trip to Target. Lots of pictures in the October folder of the photo gallery.

September Update

September has come and gone and the holidays are right around the corner!

Jude is crawling! He started crawling last weekend and is enjoying it so much. He gets into so much trouble. Chasing after two is exhausting. His second tooth is making an appearance too. Jude is as great as ever...happy, drooly and content. He's such a delight. Christmas will be so much fun with him! He is 8 months old but is HUGE. He's already growing out of most of his 6-9 month clothes and in 12 months now. He's going to be as big as Jonah soon:)

Jonah is fighting a virus right now. He stayed home with Daddy yesterday and had a lazy day. He's back with Janice today but still not feeling great. His first month in preschool has been awesome. He loves his teacher and the activities. There has been a lot of conversation from him about halloween and what he would like to be. So far, he has suggested a drummer in a marching band and a knight. Both good choices. His toenail fell off a couple days ago. Gross! Other than his ailments, he's doing great! The bedtime routine is super easy and he's been happy and pleasant. I hope we've scared away the "horrible 3's"!

Our house is still for sale. We've had a ton of traffic during the month of September but still no offers. We're going on a big house hunting trip this weekend. Hopefully we'll be ready to buy soon.

Adam's job is still going very well. He really likes it. The commute is just awful but that's just short-term. He will be on a business trip over halloween so he will miss trick or treat with the boys. He's pretty bummed about that. My job is great and crazy as ever. This time of year is always crazy for me at work with lots of traveling, conventions, product launches, etc.

My cousin Matt is getting married this weekend at my aunt & uncle's farm. We are thrilled to officially welcome Becca to our family. Their sons James is beautiful and a riot. They are a wonderful family.

All September pictures are posted to the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Hope everyone is well.

Mandy, Adam, Jonah & Jude

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