Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009 Blog Entries

Mum parade and breakfast

The mum festival parade is this Saturday. We'll be serving donuts, fruit, juice and coffee from 9-10 before the parade at our house. Then, we'll walk to Main street for the parade. Please feel free to join us.

Finally...a tooth!

After almost eight months, Jude finally has a tooth. It popped through a couple days ago. Only 19 more to go!

Very Gross, Very Pitiful

We had a little accident this weekend (Thursday night)...

Jonah dropped a sledgehammer on his toe Thursday night. Yes, we are horrible parents and it was all our fault. It was so pitiful and equally as so so gross! He's definitely going to lose the nail. The doctor said the X-ray also revealed that he may have barely chipped the end of the bone too, but there's nothing they can do about that. He's not really in much pain. It hurts to touch it, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He limps around, not out of pain though. It think he's nervous to hurt it and there must be a weird sensation from the nail being ripped out of the cuticle. Oh yes, so gross!

More pics in the photo gallery.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's (AKA Gayle/GG) birthday! Happy Birthday! We celebrated with her friends at El Sombrero this weekend and more celebrations to come.

This weekend also included a trip to Coney Island with Zack and Alex, a daddy adventure disc golfing with Jordan and Sophia and more activity selling the house. No offers yet but we're hopeful.

Jonah's First Day at Preschool

Yesterday was Jonah's first day at preschool. He did great! I dropped him off expecting him to protest, but he didn't. He colored, played outside, counted with his friends and read books in circle-time. His teacher Ms. Meredith said he was awesome. He was EXHAUSTED when I picked him up though. Skipping the nap on Tuesdays and Thursdays is going to be an adjustment.

Tomatoes, bucket trucks, museum & cuteness

We had a fun and eventful three day weekend. We walked to Hinders on Friday night for dinner. It was the most peaceful dinner out Adam and I have EVER experienced with the boys. They were perfect. I took Jonah & Sophia to the Boonshoft Museum Saturday morning. Jen, Jenn & I had a girl's night that evening while the boys played Wii at the Behm's. Sunday was a lazy day of napping and playing. Yesterday started with Ikea, then to Adam's parents to pick TONS of tomatoes, followed by a ride in the neighbor's bucket truck before going to a cookout at the Behm's. Very fun!

More pictures from the weekend are in the September 2009 folder of the photo gallery.

August Update

Another month has come and gone. Here's an update on the latest happenings for the month of August.

Adam started his job at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati and is loving it. He is training, learning the software and is headed to Madison, WI in late October for a formal training course. The commute is manageable - usually about 1 hour & 15 minutes but can be longer depending on traffic. He loves working with Jason & Kate and has lunch with them occassionally.

Our house still hasn't sold. We had tons of traffic the first few weeks but that came to a complete stop once school started. We're still hopeful that it will sell before the year is up. We'd really like to be done with it.

Adam celebrated his 31st birthday last week and we just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We commemmerated the event with iPhones for eachother. Adam is completely amused with it.

Jonah and Jude have returned to wonderful, amazing Janice this week. Jonah was thrilled to arrive yesterday morning and have a playmate (actually 6 playmates). I think he's been pretty lonely at home.

Jonah had a rough month as he's really shaping up to be a difficult three year old. Luckily, the last 5 days or so have been wonderful. We'll enjoy it while it lasts. He is even more talkative than ever, if that's humanly possible. He says the most hilarious things and tells the sweetest, most naive stories. It's so cute to hear his perspective of the world. He has a great imagination and sense of humor. He tells us stories about going to the center of the earth, using the gas pump as a blow dryer when your hair catches on fire, shaking your hair like Brandon & acting mad & sad when you're in a band - it's very entertaining. We're trying to get him a spot in the afternoon class at this wonderful preschool here in Miamisburg. He's on the waiting list so hopefully a spot will open soon. He's potty trained (except at night) and looking more and more like a kid and less like a toddler. Before we know it, he'll be off to kindergarten like Sophia.

Jude is 7 months old already. He's sitting up, babbling and loves toys. He is the world's easiest baby, so content and easy to please. He just smiles all day long. We're still waiting on his first tooth - what is taking so long! Jude is eating baby food and is starting to eat puffs. He has started to rock around on all fours but I think he's still a few weeks away from crawling. He's back to waking up in the middle of the night but goes to sleep at 7p and is finally ready to get out of bed about 12 hours later! The boys look so much alike, but couldn't be more different in personality.

Adam's parents are getting ready to leave for Florida for their first trip to their new vacation home in central Florida. They are just spending a few weeks there in September but plan to spend a big chunk of the winter there with the rest of the snow birds. Steve is still a couple years away from retirement but can work remotely.

Zack & Alex just had a playdate with Jonah last night. Zack is in the pre-k class at Ginghamsburg and Alex will be headed to preschool too.

Hope everyone is well and getting ready for the change of seasons. I'm looking forward to fall for the first time in a long time. I can't wait for Halloween, pumpkin patches, watching the leaves change, apple cider and the smell of fall (is that weird?).

All August pictures are in the photo gallery. If you haven't visited in a while, there are lots of blog entries to read. You may have to click through the multiple pages at the bottom to read all the entries if it's been a while since your last visit. We've had a great, full summer with trips to Aullwood, a Dragon's Game, Jumpy's, Boonshoft, Wegerzin Gardens, the Miami County Fair, Young's Dairy, lots of birthday parties, the Tipp pool, treasure hunting, soccer & gymnastics camps and The Jonah Extravaganza. No wonder Adam and I are so tired:)

Take care and have a great holiday weekend!

Adam, Mandy, Jonah & Jude

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