Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 Blog Entries

Birthday Party Pictures

Pictures from Jonah's 3rd birthday party are in the photo gallery in the "2009/Jonahs 3rd birthday" folder. Thanks again everyone! It was a great party. Jonah had a blast!

Party Pictures Coming Soon

Thanks to everyone for coming to Jonah's 3rd birthday party. It was so much fun. The kids and the adults enjoyed the jumpy much more than we imagined. Jonah received soooo many toys and was up playing with them at 6:00 this morning. We have bunches of pictures to share but it might take us a couple days to gather them from everyone, edit them and then get them posted. Keep checking back. I might send an email out to everyone when they are ready to view.

Jude's first birthday party is in 7 months! I'm not sure if we can top yesterdays party...but we'll try:)

2 videos you must see

I uploaded two new videos. The first one ("Soccer Camp") is just a cute little clip of Jonah scoring a goal his first day at soccer camp.

The second one is a riot! It is from his sports sampler class that he takes on Tuesday nights. It was such a disaster. He didn't listen to ANYTHING!

Go to the "Videos" link at the top and view "Soccer Camp" and "Basketball Drills"

Ugh! 2 sports camps in one day...not a good idea!

Yesterday, Jonah had his second day of soccer camp during the day and then another sports variety class at night. This is the only week he will have an overlapping class...thank god. Soccer camp was fine but the 2nd class was horrible. He didn't listen to ANYTHING. He was so over it. Halfway through, he decided he didn't want to play basketball anymore. His listening skills leave something to be desired...

Pictures from his 2nd day at soccer camp and a couple from last night's sports class are in the photo gallery (June 2009).

Jonah's Birthday Party

Hope to see everyone at Jonah's 3rd birthday party - Sunday, June 28th 3:00 at 305 West Dow Street, Tipp City. There will be Italian food, drinks, a jump house/moon walk and a ride in the Apollo rocket ship. Can't wait to see everyone.

P.S. You may want to bring your own lawn chair. I don't think we'll have enough seats for 45 people.

Soccer Camp

Jonah's first day at soccer camp was yesterday. He's the youngest and smallest in his class, but Jeni said he did pretty well. Pictures from soccer camp and art school are in the June 2009 folder of the photo gallery.

"I'll cover my belly so it doesn't scare me!"

When Jonah wanted to watch a scary show, I told him no because the monsters would scare him. He thought about that for a second and said, "I'll cover my belly so it doesn't scare me!" Apparently, he feels it in his belly when he is scared. Covering up his belly must block the scariness from getting in. Kids say the cutest things.

Big boy!

Jude had a well-child appointment this morning. He is a whopping 15 pounds, 13 ounces and 26 inches long. He's in the 50th percentile for weight and 50-75th for his height. Maybe he'll be tall!!! He is healthy and doing well.

I'm also happy to report that Jonah finally seems to be potty trained. Thank goodness! He still wears a diapers at bedtime, but it's big boy underwear the rest of the day. Yeah!!!

Springhill's Annual 99 cent sale

Springhill's annual 99 cent sale is next week. If you've been, you know how good it is. If you haven't, you should definitely go. There are mobs of people but it's well worth it. Last year I bought hostas, ornamental grass, lavendar, coral bells, black eyed susans. There are also lilies, ground cover, shrubs, bare root plants and a bunch of stuff I wasn't able to identify but I'm sure was great:) Have fun!

The 3rd Annual Jonah Extravaganza Birthday Celebration

Invitations are in the mail today! Don't miss it. It will be lots of fun with a bouncy house, an Italian feast and a unique photo op! Can't wait to see everyone.

Jude update

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Jude. Anyone who has seen him recently can testify that he is doing soooo much better. His laryngomalacia is almost gone. He had an appointment with the pulmonologist on Wednesday. The doctor is thrilled with Jude's progress and hopes to discharge him in 4 months. He is still at risk for serious complications if he were to get a respiratory illness but that is unlikely now that the weather is no longer cold and nasty.

We are lucky and remind ourselves of that everyday. Jude had a serious case of LM but recovered from it better than we could have ever hoped. He still sounds abnormal compared to a typical baby, but it's so much better than it was. No more gasping from an obstructed airway.

Jude now weighs 14 pounds 15 ounces and is 26 inches long. He rolled over for the first time this week. He's sleeping like a champ, babbling away and is happy (when he isn't teething).

Grandma's 85th Surprise Party

This past weekend was my Grandma Bayman's 85th surprise birthday party. We had dinner with our family and then an open house for her friends. I think she was truely surprised and happy to see everyone. Pictures from this party are in the "2009/Grandmas 85th Birthday" folder of the photo gallery.

Goodbye to Janice

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to Janice, babysitter extroidinaire. We've been with Janice (or "Jamas" as Jonah would say) since September and she has been a wonderful daycare provider for the boys. She taught Jonah to count and his alphabet. She has been oh so very patient with Jude's stubborness with bottles and loves our boys like they're her own. Janice lives right down the street from my office and unfortunately the two hours of commuting each day just wasn't agreeing with the boys. We have promised to remain friends and enjoyed SEVERAL drinks together at Elsa's Friday during a girls night out!

Adam and I decided it was finally time to search for a live-out nanny to care for the boys while we work. Jeni's first day was last Thursday. We're excited about this new page in our lives and think it will be a wonderful opportunity for the boys.

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