Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009 Blog Entries

Double Trouble

If you can look at these pictures and tell me that Jonah and Jude don't look VERY similar, then you're crazy. Their personalities couldn't be more different though. Could they be any cuter:)

Drooling with Gladness

If drooling were an olympic sport, Jude would be a gold medalist. He can soak through a bib and outfit in 15 minutes. It's kind of icky!

We were all at the Behm's house swimming a couple nights ago. Jude was sitting up, playing on a blanket and drool was just pouring out of his mouth. Sophia declared that he was "drooling with gladness!" That pretty much sums up his personality...drooly and so happy. Kids say the cutest things.

Jonah's 3 year well-child appointment

Jonah had his 3 year well-child appointment today. He is 37 inches tall and 31 pounds - 50th percentile for both height and weight. He's healthy and meeting all of his developmental milestones.

For Sale

Our house is on the market. We're hoping to move south closer to our jobs. If Adam gets the job at Children's in Cincinnati, we're hoping to be in the West Chester area. Otherwise, somewhere around Springboro will be our new home. Click here to view the MLS listing.

Sitting Up and the Pool

We had such a fun and productive weekend. We spent the first part getting ready for our open house (many of you may not know that our house is on the market).

Jude is sitting up with support and seems to really like the new experience.

We went to the Tipp pool yesterday. What an awesome time we had! Jonah had a blast. He played until he had purple lips. It is perfect for toddlers.

There are lots of great pictures from the weekend in the July 2009 folder of the photo gallery.

Adam's interview update

The interview went very well. Now we wait:(

Adam has another interview today

Adam has another (hopefully final) interview today with Cincinnati Children's Hospital. They have already completed his references. We're hopeful this will all work out. It would be so nice to hear something this week! We'll of course keep everyone posted.

Jami's Shower

I hosted my niece Jami's wedding shower this weekend. It was a very nice afternoon. Thank you to everyone for bringing dishes and the wonderful gifts for Jami.

Jami & Isaiah will be getting married next Saturday on Anna Maria Island. Best wishes!

Is it Michael Phelps? No, it's Zackary!

No more floaties. No more life vest. Zackary (Jonah's cousin) is officially a swimmer! He learned to swim today in his Mamaw & Papaw's pool. Way to go!

Watch out Le comes Jonah

We took Jonah and Jude on a bike ride last night. Jonah completed his second 3-mile bike ride. Looks like Lance has some competition. Does Lance stop to pick flowers during his ride?

Happy Birthday Alex

Jonah's cousin Alex turned 3 this weekend with a great party at the Troy park. Pictures from this party and Jonah's visit to the St. John's Festival are in the July 2009 folder of the photo gallery.

Adam's interview

Adam's interview with Children's was awesome! They have already scheduled his next (and hopefully final) interview with the project coordinator and VP and are working on his references. The next interview is scheduled for 7/21. We'll keep you posted.

Good luck to Adam

Adam has an interview with Cincinnati Childrens today. We're so excited about the opportunity! We'll keep you posted.

Treasure Hunting

We're big nerds. We admit it. We have discovered, along wth the Behm family, that geocaching is so much fun. We found our first "treasure" on Tuesday. Adam and Jordan (and even Adam's dad last night) went out after the kids went to sleep and found a couple more. There are 50 in Tipp City! If you would like to be a nerd too, visit for more information.

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