Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 2009 Blog Entries

Not to toot my own horn but...

Here's a picture of the beautiful swing on our front porch that Adam made a couple years ago. I made a new seat cover and 5 new pillows for it this week. I think it's pretty fabulous, if I may say so:)

A visit with baby James

Our cousins Matt & Becca came over last night for a friendly poker game and brought their son James. He's a big boy and filled out Jude's little chair nicely:) Very cute!

Jonah & Jude

Hi everyone! Just a little update for everyone. The boys are doing great. We are home this week finishing up the rest of my maternity leave. It's been so nice spending time with the boys. Jonah is thrilled to be playing outside and helping us with the deck we are building in our backyard. We'll send pics of the deck as soon as it's done. We just have a few more things to do.

Jude is doing very well. His laryngo malacia is mysteriously disappearing. It's so unexpected. He still sounds concerning compared to a healthy baby, but it's so much better than it was several weeks ago. He's getting strong fast and beating this condition. We couldn't be more relieved. I'm sure a cold or other virus would be scary for him to get, but the warmer weather reduces that risk. He was 12 pounds 12 ounces at his 2 month well child appointment. He's doing great!

Adam and I are so glad spring is here. We're finishing up the deck we started a couple weeks ago. We complain about the house projects and then are bored when we don't have a project to work on. Never happy:) We're looking forward to a visit from the Tjalsma's in May and making preparations for the Jonah Extravaganza the last weekend in June.

New pictures are posted to the April 2009 folder of the Photo Gallery.

Great News from the Pulmonologist

Jude had an appointment with the pulmonologist today. He thinks Jude is doing very well. His weight gain is in the 75th percentile and he's thriving. Dr. Fink said he thinks Jude is beating this condition nicely and is almost out of the scary part. Even though he has a moderate/severe case of laryngo malacia, he is handling better than most. We are thrilled for this great news!

New pictures are posted in the April 09 folder of the Photo Gallery. Happy Easter everyone!

Jude is 9 weeks old!

How time flies! Jude is already 9 weeks old. Sorry there are no pictures to go along with this update but wanted to keep everyone posted on his progress. He is gaining lots of weight, already weighing 12 pounds 3 ounces. He is smiling and cooing. He's the happiest baby. His laryngo malacia has gotten just a little bit worse in the past few weeks. He has good days and bad days but it's still very manageable. He will visit the pulmonologist again this Friday. His oxygen saturation levels are great and he is gaining weight, the two things most dangerous about his condition. It will probably continue to get worse over the next 2-3 months but will hopefully start to show some improvement around 5 months (June-ish).

I went back to work last week so he is now in the loving care of our babysitter Janice along with Jonah. She does a great job with him, even on the rough days. I think Jonah likes having Jude there with him all day.

Feel free to stop in anytime to visit the boys. I'll post new pictures soon.

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