Sunday, July 24, 2011


A coworker of Adam's gave him a huge container of poppy seeds from her garden from the previous year.  Adam was so excited to grow poppies.  To our surprise, there was a huge variety of poppies in this container that produced at least 30 flowers from about 7 different varieties.  They are the strangest looking flowers.  

Once we realized that there was such a huge variety of poppies, it was really fun to step outside everyday and see what new shape and color would appear.  Unfortunately, the flower lasts 24-48 hours, the green plant part looks like a weed and you can't mulch around it or it rots.  So, next year the poppies will be moved to the vegetable garden and out of my flower area.

Here is a sample:


  1. Did they just come up now? Everyone who had poppies by us had them bloom really early (May or June). I heard Adam talk about them and bought some seeds but figured I just planted them way too late. You have me wondering though if yours are coming up now...

  2. Kate, he planted them soooo late that they have just finished blooming. I'm sure they were supposed to planted weeks and weeks before we did.