Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smile pretty y'all

Photographing our birthday parties is not a strength of ours.  Our parties are always waaaaaaaaay too crazy to think about picking up a camera.

We are always so bummed about this.  We love parties and miss so much of what's going on because we're busy doing other things.

And this year's party includes a parade!  How will we ever be able to take pictures among all this madness?

Solution:  The fabulous Leah Naeve from SquidMommy Photography will be onsite capturing all the great moments.  She's super duper awesome and you can see some of her work here and follow her on Facebook here.

Leah will be chasing all the kids around for some great shots.  You'll be able to shop all of the party pictures on her site and purchase prints if you'd like.  I'll let everyone know when they are posted to her site.  If you love them, you should schedule a session with her for your next family pictures or party.  She's amazing with kids!

So, floss your teeth and wipe the eye boogers out of your eyes before you arrive at our house at 10 am on  Saturday morning because Leah's close ups are my favorite!

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