Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jonah is 5!

Jonah is 5 years old today.  I can't even believe it.  Five seems even crazier than his first birthday.  He'll still want to cuddle with me, right?

Jonah has always been a hilarious, energetic, talented child.  I think he got Adam's "will of a rattlesnake," good, bad or indifferent:)  He is our challenging child that keeps us on our toes and makes us look like complete rookies everyday.

I was chatting with my friend Lisa the other day.  Her first born is so much like Jonah.  We shared with each other our fascination, amusement, unconditional love, complete frustration and concern for their social well-being.  We talked about their willful behavior, the looks you get in public during a "not so shiny moment" and their difficulties in preschool.  We talked about watching them succeed in school, tell funny jokes, sharing their naive view of the world and showing love to their siblings.  We talked about the perfection that is your first born.  It makes it all worth it.

Jonah woke up this morning ready to take on their world as King Birthday Boy!  He told us he gets to do whatever he wants on his birthday.  And Adam agreed.  Oh's going to be a long day:)

Jonah - 1 day old

Jonah - 6 months old

Jonah - 1 year old

Jonah - 2 years old

Jonah - 3 years old

Jonah - 4 years old
Jonah - 5 years old

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