Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Down and out

A freak summer storm blew through yesterday afternoon with crazy winds, hail, horizontal rain and lots of thunder and lightening.

The maple in our front yard has been deteriorating from some weird flesh-eating bacteria that's been causing the bark to fall off.  We thought the tree had a couple years left but apparently not...

It landed on the electric box in our front yard and caused a weird humming noise?  We were a bit nervous about that so our neighbor called the electric company.  They showed up several hours later, just after the electricity in the entire neighborhood went out.  We feared that our tree caused the power outage.  Great, our house is getting egged tonight.  But the electricity workers said a transformer blew down the street.  Whew!  Hopefully our neighbors knew that too.

The power didn't come back on for hours and hours.  Sometime in the middle of the night it kicked back on.  By then, I had been up with both boys when they woke up in a pitch black room all freaked out.  Eventually, Jonah ended up in our bed so I kicked Adam out of bed for keeping Jonah and I awake from snoring.  Not my best night of sleep.

Today, Adam will be taking care of this tree.  We have had a tree come down in each of the three houses we have owned.  Weird!

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  1. Thank heavens, it did not hit the house...
    or a person. Take and hugs.