Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boys being boys

I came home from work the other day and found Adam and Jonah sitting in the driveway doing this:

What were they doing?  Well, I asked the same thing.  Adam's response, "We're making primitive tools like cavemen."  Very matter-of-fact, like you've done this before, right?

Adam is the biggest kid I've ever met.  I love this part about him [usually].  He loves video games, shopping for kid's toys, playing with fireworks, making blanket forts, drunken wrestling in the snow with his best friends and now caveman tools.

So they rubbed the spears on the concrete driveway until they were sharp:

Then, they were ready to go catch a bison:

Adam spotted one and threw his spear:

Jude spotted something to spear.  Poor Tara:

Jonah decided that bison are too hard to catch.  Instead, spears are to be hammered into the ground.  Maybe the bison will trip on it:

Boys will be boys!

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