Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lotsa little stuff

We're living up to our slogan these days.  We're taking on a lot, just under the threshold of freaking out but feeling energetic enough to keep up.  Things are chaotic, but it's pretty enjoyable.  

We've been tinkering around with projects around the house.  Our dryer died a few weeks ago, suddenly with no warning.  How rude!  But our laundry room was in desperate need of a little reworking.  It took us two different dryers to solve the problem but we finally found the perfect arrangement.  We got the matching stackable dryer which freed up a ton of room to change around the cabinets and add a countertop for folding with space for baskets underneath.  I actually told Adam a few days ago how excited I was to do laundry and that he should go dirty up some clothes so I have something to wash.  He looked at me like I'd just proposed that we paint flames on our minivan...pure crazy.

We also decided to rearrange the entire first floor of our house.  We were living with the setup from the previous owners which was just weird and awkward.  At some point, they changed the front living room into a dining room and used the former dining room as a small sitting room.  It was a huge waste of space so we changed it back to the original layout and it is WONDERFUL!  We've spent the last two days shifting around decorations, putting up new curtains and tearing down these weird half walls that separated the dining and living rooms.

We have our eyes on the next big project.  We've been itching to start something big and have finally decided to give the exterior a good facelift.  The exterior of our house is a sad, boring, mistreated shell.  It's going to be great, though.  We're going to make the best of a poorly constructed deck, add an accent color to the front, replace some exterior lights and add LOTS of landscaping!  As soon as the weather breaks, we are getting started.  Can't wait!

Adam's had a tough week on call at work, Jonah had an blissful playdate today with a classmate, Jude starts speech therapy soon and I'm helping a friend with a birthday party.  And that's what's going on and why I've been a bit absent on here lately.  

I'll have before and after pics of all the little projects soon to share.  

All the Best!

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