Monday, February 14, 2011

Jude's New Room

Ta-Da!  Jude's new room is finished!  Adam and I LOVE decorating kids rooms.  They are so much fun!  Jonah's bedroom surprise was relaxing and creative and he loved it so much.  He were really excited to do Jude's room too.  Jude loves dogs and a themed-room seemed just perfect for him.

At our last house, he had this sweet little wispy nursery.  Oh, it was so awesome.
Jude's nursery at the Tipp City house

But when we moved to the new house, we only put it about halfway back together and, since last May, we have removed the crib and taken down some of the pictures on the wall.  It was pretty sad.  His bed was nearly the ONLY piece of furniture in the room.  We didn't plan to remove the crib so early but he started climbing out at 18 months and by 20 months, he refused to sleep in it at all.  So, we bought a little toddler bed until we could get around to redoing his room.

Jude's room in the new house - BEFORE

Jude's transitional bed with my great grandma's handmade quilt

Ok, finally, here is the new room:

It's busy but so much fun.  Puppy paws and dog bones are scattered throughout and you can
see the puppy and fire hydrant here along with the "Hey Jude" album, a book shelf by Poppy
from long ago and a new bed.

That sun is so awkward, but I couldn't shut the blind.  It's been 9 years since I've seen the sun.
Winters are long and dark here in Ohio.  Oh, and look!  More puppy paws and "JUDE" letters!

An original "Hey Jude" vinyl and a few of my favorite pics of Jude.

Such a sweet and fun room!

No puppy room is complete without a dog house.

And there it is.  Your tour of the puppy room.

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