Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Howdy Campers!

Jude's 2nd birthday party was a blast!  We welcomed the campers (all 50-60 of them) over to enjoy a fancy feast of hot dogs, baked beans, mac and cheese and, of course, S'MORES!  Kids could visit the playground to jump on the indoor bounce house that Jude received from us for his birthday or explore the ranger station for their ranger kits.  Adults enjoyed beer like campers would...from a can!  It was Blue Moon in a can, at least.

Um, it was packed in our house.  It was, kind of, insanity.  The kids were WILD!  WILD!  WILD!  Adults were just taking it all in, trying not to have a nervous breakdown.  It's become the party mood of all of our extravaganzas.  I'm not sure why.  I'm going to have to reflect on that a bit.  Or I would reflect on that a bit, but we are already in full prep mode for Jonah's 5th birthday party this summer.  Parties are the best!  Maybe we should have another baby and then we'll torture everyone THREE times a year with extravaganzas.  That is a great reason to have a baby!

I'm kidding.  At least one person in our family just fainted over that!

So, anyway.  Jude is 2 and his party rocked.  And there are hardly any pictures of the actual party because it was too insane to take a picture.  We didn't capture the most amazing moment when 50 people sang Happy Birthday to him.  He just looked around like he had witnessed a miracle.  Sweetest thing I've ever seen, and we didn't even get a picture.

Here's what we did capture:

Jude & Jonah in the jumpy that is just low enough to fit in the basement.
The Ranger Station.  Kids filled their ranger bags with goodies in the bins.
Ranger badges for each child
Guests took home a s'mores kit to aid in their quest to gain winter weight.  You're welcome.
In the oven, 350 for 3 minutes.  Mmmmm!
Oh yea!  It's kinda great, right?

A little cooperation would be great.

This is going to be my professional headshot.  Such a pretty picture.

We had no idea where Jude was most of the party.  Kate had it under control.  

Sweaty kids coming out of the jumpy.

Sophia striking a pose.

Thank you everyone for not calling timeout at the party.  Please rest and recover because Jonah's 5th birthday party is only 4 1/2 months away.

Much Love,

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