Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very liquidy

Jonah and Jude have both been fighting some kind of bug this past week. There's been lots of coughing, fevers and runny noses - enough to use up 2 boxes of tissues in 5 days! Ew!

Jude has also been a little more difficult than usual at bedtime and during the night. Last night was the first night in a couple weeks that he didn't get up at least once. Even at bedtime, he cries for a really long time before finally passing out on the floor in front of his door where we find him and have to use the door to scoot him out of the way enough to squeeze through the opening.

Last night, after almost an hour of crying, Adam went up to check on him. What a sight to be seen! Adam said it looked like Jude had been tear gassed. He had liquid coming out of his eyes, nose and mouth. His face was covered in tears, snot and drool.

He finally went to sleep after Adam cleaned him up. I checked on him a couple hours later before going to bed myself. He was, again, asleep in front of his door. I scooted him with the door enough to get in the room and tucked him into bed. He left two HUGE drooly puddles on the carpet where he was laying.

Kids are so gross!

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