Saturday, January 29, 2011

Party prep and new room craziness

Things have been nuts lately!  On top of a house project and party planning, Adam's annual manly poker slumber party at Hocking Hills is this weekend and we've been running here and there for doctor's appointments (Jonah's been twice in the last week for an ear infection, plus a dentist appointment for Adam and me, a yearly physical for me and Adam's physical is next week) and Jonah's VIP day on Thursday at preschool.  I'll post pictures of from VIP day soon.

Jude's birthday party is only a week away. A camping party is this year's theme. Should be a fun little shindig with s'mores and park rangers, oh my!

We've also decided to tackle Jude's new big boy bedroom right now too. His room has been such a hodge-podge of of nursery and transitional furniture since we moved to this new house. You'll have to wait to find out what the new room design will be. Here's a before picture.

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  1. what a little teeny bed....can't wait to see the new room.