Monday, August 9, 2010

Overboard is exactly what it is

A few weeks ago, a writer from the local newspaper the Dayton Daily News contacted me about my tips for hosting great kids birthday parties. She asked questions about what kinds of parties we have created and why and any advice that I could share to make kids parties great.

I answered the questions and this past weekend, in the Saturday paper, the story appeared. I think I misunderstood the purpose of the article and was amused to see that the story was about how to NOT go overboard with birthday parties. That is exactly the OPPOSITE of what our parties are designed to do.

I enjoyed working with the writer DeAnn Owens who we knew from Adam's time at Reynolds & Reynolds. My job requires that I work with the media frequently but it's so much more fun to talk about kids than lung cancer!

Click here to read the complete story.

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