Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Awesome 'hood

It's no secret that Adam and I bought our new house more for the [neighbor]hood than the house. The house is great - good layout, modern construction, more bathrooms - but the 'hood is great! Everyone's lawns are well-maintained, and it's quiet and safe. The homeowner's association keeps people from putting cars up on blocks and restricts certain home renovations and structures. Essentially, the "WT Factor" is minimized.

Our sitter has been on vacation the last six days so we, for the 400th time in the last four years, had to search for a babysitter for the boys. I think we have now met every sitter in the Miami Valley. Seriously. I'm not proud either. After searching and interviewing and saying, um, no definitely no to a couple, we found two takers.

Our fun-loving Scottish neighbor offered to take the first three days and the 18 year old daughter of our other neighbor took the last three days. They both did such a great job. I just find it so entertaining that we found two acceptable people (and on ridiculously short notice thanks to my complete procrastination to look for a sitter) that live next door.

Awesome 'hood!

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