Friday, August 27, 2010

Introducing "Snippet"

I'm receiving feedback that I don't post pictures as much as I used to. To be more specific, I once posted fewer pictures but more frequently.

I hear ya! It's true. I don't always have time to post pictures of what I blog about but wish I had time to do both. I'm going to share "snippets" in a "pic of the day" type format...but more like every 5 days or 2 days or 9 days. So, more like "pic of every few days." Take a second to remember the title of our blog.

Many have requested regular email reminders to visit our blog. I promise I'll get back to that. I don't have most of my reader's email addresses, though, as it looks like there are many more unique IP's than are on my email list.

For those of you that don't use some form of blogger dashboard, you can create one easily at (and many other sites) so all of your blog sites feed into a main list. And for those of you that don't read any other blogs, find some. Blogs exist for every little niche you can imagine. Adam's favorites are technology and celebrity gossip. Ok, I just found out about the celebrity gossip interest. I'm a little shocked?! How weird that he would like that!

Anyway, my favorites are, by far, the "mom-versation" blogs. I love Dooce, Rage Against the Minivan and several smaller family sites. I also enjoy a few interior design blogs.

Alright, here's your first snippet.

Baby Jude at the pond. He was supposed to be feeding bread to the ducks, but we wouldn't let him eat it so he was pouty.

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