Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009 Blog Entries

The Baby is Coming

We had a doctor's appointment today. Our suspicions were right. Baby #2 is going to be a big boy. The doctor estimated his weight around 8 pounds 6 ounces - almost 1 1/2 pounds bigger than Jonah was. The estimate could be off one pound so hopefully he won't be quite that big...but could be huge! We are being induced Monday night so the baby should come sometime on Tuesday. Stay tuned:)

Making Progress

I just got back from the doctor. I'm now 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Making progress!! I've been having mild contractions for a few days but nothing too painful. Stay tuned. We think it will be any day...

Pregnancy Update

I had a 37 week pregnancy check up on Friday. We're both healthy and doing fine. The best news is that I'm 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced! The baby is coming soon! We'll keep you posted.

Check out the new poll. When will baby #2 arrive???

From the Archives Vol. II

We dug through the Pressel family photos a few days ago and uploaded 60 pictures to the "Pressel Family Photos" folder of the photo gallery. There are some really great pictures of Adam, Erika, Candy & Steve. I love the clothing. Lots of short shorts and tube socks:)

Kiddie Kingdom

We recently converted our 3rd floor walk-up attic into a playroom for Jonah. We started it 11/16/08 and finished it right around Christmas. It's complete with a kiddie home theater and every toy imaginable! View the before and after pictures in the January 2009 folder of the Photo Gallery.

Better Late Than Never

We never thought we would allow Jonah to use a pacifier this long, even though it was only at night and during naps. We just didn't have the heart to take it away. So we bargained with him... in exchange for throwing away his pacifiers, he got a Jeep. Last night was his first night without a pacifier since he was a very little baby. He handled it better than we expected. He cried and got out of bed several times, but finally fell asleep (3 hours past his normal bedtime).

He LOVES his new Jeep! He rode it around in the house last night, and we took him to the playground today to ride it again. His steering skills could use some improvement! There are several pictures in the January 2009 folder of the photo gallery.

From the Archives

We sorted through all of our 35 mm photos last night and picked out our favorites. The scanned photos have been added to the photo gallery in the “scanned photos” folder. There are some really great pictures!

We also uploaded pictures from a photo slideshow created for the Bayman side of our family. There are some cute pictures from long, long ago. It is also located in the photo gallery in the "Bayman Family Photos" folder.

Blanket Ride

GG & Pa (Mandy’s mom and step-dad) came over last night to celebrate Pa’s birthday. Jonah was so excited to see them and show them all his latest tricks. He insisted on a blanket ride. Don’t know what that is? There is a blanket ride video in the videos link above.

Bubble Boy

There are updated pictures in the “January 2009” folder of the photo gallery. You will need to login first. Enjoy.

Jonah and Adam recently had a boys day out and went with Jordan, Sophia & Lily to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. He had so much fun. The dancing room was his favorite part. You can view a video of Jonah and Sophia tearing up the dance floor in the "videos" link above.

Jonah is getting so big and changing each day. He can count to 10 and even knows his alphabet – thank you babysitter Janice! He loves to read, build with legos, play with trains, arts & crafts and, unfortunately, cartoons. He says the sweetest things and has the best sense of humor. Yesterday, he told mommy on the way to work that, “Mommy, I just miss you so much!” He really knows how to lay the guilt on thick. We finished the attic playroom for him a couple weeks ago. It’s a great space and full of toys. We’ll take some before and after pictures this week and post them so you can see “kiddie kingdom.”

Baby number two is doing well also with about 4 ½ weeks until the due date. He should be about 5 ½ pounds, about 18 inches long and gaining ½ pound each week until he arrives. We are prepared and ready to bring him home. Now we just wait. Adam is taking a month off of work when the baby arrives. We are looking forward to all being at home together for an entire month.

Thanks for all the votes on the baby name pool. It looks like the winner is Elijah. We still haven’t decided on the name yet, but are leaning toward Jude. We’ll have to decide soon enough! A new poll is up and ready. Have fun!

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