Monday, July 25, 2011

It's amazing what I DON'T get done

My new role is keeping me BUSY.  I've been spending every second of the day with the kids, mostly just playing but also setting up the "new ground rules."

Things have greatly improved since last Monday when I spent the ENTIRE day diffusing fights between Jonah and Jude.  It was miserable and exhausting for everyone.  We made some changes and we're on our way to a more peaceful arrangement.  They've even been sleeping in until 7:00 every morning.  That's late for our kids.

Adam left for Pasadena today and we're getting into the swing of things without him but miss him madly when he's gone and love it when he arrives back home.  Overall, I think we're adjusting nicely.

This week will involve a little craftiness, fixing the Jetta, hopefully a playdate (for me and the boys), maybe some swimming and surely the evenings will be filled with moving sprinklers around the yard.

Stay tuned this week to unveil the craftiness!  And, yes, I know I STILL haven't shared the exterior remodel project but I plan to do so.  I really do.  Seriously.  Promise.  Okay?

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