Monday, July 11, 2011

The 5th birthday present surprise

A week and a half have gone by since Jonah's 5th birthday.  Bad Mommy-blogger!  Bad Mommy-blogger!  I have no excuses other than just letting the dust settle. 

I'm going to break up the birthday posts and the party posts.  They are two distinct instances this year as we celebrated his birthday on June 30th but his party was not until July 2nd.

Jonah received a bike for his 3rd birthday from us.  It was a cute little thing.

Jonah with his birthday bike at his 3rd party.
He learned to ride without training wheels on this bike.  Jude probably will do the same someday.

But he has definitely outgrown the bike and the rest of us didn't have bikes so family bike rides weren't possible.  We surprised him with a new KILLER Raleigh and a way cool helmet for this 5th birthday.  To sweeten the deal just a bit, we also fixed Adam's bike, bought a new bike for me and a carrier for Jude.  We took a ride to the pond together and enjoyed a picnic dinner.  It was a perfect birthday.  Here are some pics and video from the day.
Jonah on his new bike

Jonah's first ride.  Look at that rad helmet!

Jude anxiously awaiting his first ride in his carrier.  

Birthday cupcakes and Jude's cookies.  Cupcakes + Jude = pukey mess
Here is the video from the moment he received his bike.  Listen to little Jude say "bike bike bike" over and over again.  He was so excited.

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