Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At least he's free

King's Island is only 20 minutes from our house and is the most awesomest place on earth.  Their water park is mega-fun for the boys and for Adam and me too.  So we purchased season passes for the family this year.  Jude is under 3 so his was free and this is important to note.  Keep reading.

Jonah, no surprise, is a dare devil when it comes to anything in the water park and any normal ride.  He'll seriously ride anything, except the haunted house.  He rides the beastie, log rides, ANYTHING he's tall enough for.  He can't get enough.

And then there's Jude.  Nothing.  He will ride NOTHING, not even the carousel!  Who in the world is afraid of the carousel?  He rode the little toddler train but refused to ride anything else.  Instead, he laughed and ran in circles outside the queuing areas for rides.  He's free, so I'm not going to freak out this year, but next year, we'll be forcing him to get his $75 worth of rides, damn it!

On the way home, Jonah told us that it was the bestest day of his life.  Yeah!  I'm sure Jude felt the same way but he was asleep shortly after we buckled him in.

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