Monday, January 10, 2011

Five things: Part Five

So, it turns out that coming up with five things about each of us that you may not know and that are at least a tiny bit interesting are more difficult than I imagined. This is a sign that we need to get a hobby and do more fun stuff!

Here are the final tidbits about each of us.

He has started potty training.  In an attempt yesterday to pee standing up like big brother Jonah, Jude peed on the floor in front of his little potty and all over himself.  But he's also very tidy so he went to the kitchen and opened a drawer, grabbed a pot holder and wiped himself off with it.  Isn't that...nice?

Still remembers his trip to Disney like it was yesterday.  Every time a Disney movie starts with the Magic Kingdom intro, he yells, "I love this part!  Can we go there again?"

Adam's PS3 screen name is "Fantabulous".  He'll tell you how wonderful he is at Modern Warfare but would you want to play a war game with such a fantabulous name?

Promises to indulge in more crafting in 2011.  My craft room is organized and ready to go.  Adam, get your home brew beer junk out of my craft room!


  1. really, Adam is the crafty one? Don't worry...the other day I went to fix Oliver's cape (not so difficult iron thing and some velcro)...just reading the instructions made me I put it off and Mickey had gone and done it in the next 15 minutes.
    I did make homemade salted caramels if you like caramel...I will send you the recipe.

  2. P.s. Maybe you should make some new pot holders.