Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cards usually suck

Most greeting cards are mediocre at best.  I'm NOT into the sappy ones especially.  If it's more than one sentence on the front of the card, I skip right to the inside.  Not that I'm looking for money or anything like that.  I'm just not an intellectual.  Even greeting card poetry is too much for me.

And they have become ridiculously expensive!

So, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone by insulting the card you stood in Hallmark picking out for 45 minutes.  I appreciated it but probably didn't actually read all of it. Maybe a 3 year old's birthday card is the proper reading level and content for me.  My college education was money well spent.

However, a funny or stylish card is well-worth the card shopping experience.  Some are funny enough to keep and others are unique and fabulous enough to frame!

Jason and Kate are unconventional card-givers.  I once received a Hanukah card for my birthday, just because.  Two of the most recent ones include a card given to me after Jude was born and the other for my 32nd birthday.  You should have no problem determining which card was the birthday card.

And one from my BFF Jen (aka Jenny-Poo).  It plays a recorded PSA warning of the dangers of drunk crafting, something we're very accustomed to doing.


  1. So proud! (Plus, its like permission to keep buying ridiculous stuff online!)

  2. Oh my goodness, those cards are hilarious. Would love to know where they find them! And. . . thanks for stopping by our blog. I know I've been here before but for some reason I wasn't following it.?.? Gonna hang out for a few minutes and catch up on some of your posts!

  3. @The B Family, Glad you stopped by too:) I really enjoy your blog. Your girls are so cute! I'm so glad to see that Lisa is blogging again too. Her "Insanity" post was hysterical!