Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Five things: Part Four

Part 4...

Jude has FINALLY decided to start saying "momma."

Jonah received an archery set for Christmas.  Last night, we set up an old VCR tape on top of the straw bales to use as a target and HE HIT IT!  Unreal!

Adam is very excited to attend the Girl Talk concert in January.  Apparently, it's not nearly as much of a teenie-bopper fest as we imagined.
Girl Talk's Greg Gillis

My dreams were crushed when I recently watched Shark Boy and Lava Girl with Jonah.  Taylor Lautner plays Shark Boy.  Somehow, Jacob Black has lost his mojo for me now.  Hopefully movie #4 will reignite it for me.
Jacob and me enjoying a beverage

Taylor Lautner as Shark Boy before he turns into a phasing, hot werewolf in Twilight


  1. Congrats on Jude talking! And the Sharkboy thing has me cracking up.

  2. I know and last night he said "one, two, three." So exciting!