Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh yes, our blog

Uhhhhh...sorry. I had these grand plans of blogging EVERYDAY while on vacation. I think I posted 2 entries. I have no excuses. Most days were fun-filled during the day and beer/calorie filled in the evenings. I guess I was truly relaxed and unplugged.

Now, we're back to the grind, and I'm legitimately struggling to find time for blogging. Adam and I are both swamped at work and haven't even unpacked our suitcases yet. In fact, Adam is still working as I type this at 10:00.

I promise I will share the pictures and a few stories soon. The pictures are soooo awesome! We will try to keep the torture to a minimum as we took well over 1000 pictures. A sneak peak is below.

Type ya tomorrow:)

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