Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meat on a Stick

Anyone with a toddler can identify with my obsession with eating habits. Toddlers eat inconsistently and not always the most well-rounded meals.

Jonah will eat anything, except meat. He'd be happy if you let him eat nothing but fruit, raw veggie trays and cheese. We often allow him to eat nothing more than that too, especially now that Jude has come along. Not that Jude has made things so hectic that we don't care what Jonah eats. Rather, Jude really put things in perspective. Jonah is an awesome eater compared to Jude. Jude won't eat anything, including meat. In fact, three new allergies have popped up now making his list of taboo foods include soy, egg, tomatoes, all citrus fruits and corn. Soy is ridiculously difficult to avoid as it is in margarine, cooking oil, almost all bread, crackers, cookies, pizza, and on and on and on.

We've found a new discovery for Jonah. Meat on a stick. He'll eat meat, if it's on a stick. I've even been known to skewer a chicken breast AFTER grilling it, just so he'll eat it. Of course, Jude still won't eat it - stick or not. I'm still looking for Jude's trick food...

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