Thursday, July 15, 2010

Date Night, Part Two

Jonah and Jude spend the night and most of the next day with Uncle Jason and Aunt Kate while Adam and I were enjoying some time together (and playing video games and organizing compulsively).

Their evening started out with the kid swap in the Ikea parking lot, a convenient halfway point between their house and ours. Three observations:
1. It definitely looked like we were fulfilling a custody agreement by exchanging the boys in the parking lot for "a weekend with Dad."
2. Although they were only staying with Jason and Kate for 24 hours, I packed so much "stuff" that my trunk was completely full.
3. Car seats are disgusting and should not be viewed by anyone but their owners. It was disgusting and embarrassing to pull them out of my car and see the crushed cheerios, raisins, juice & milk splatters and other unidentifiable objects. The car seats themselves were just as gross with food in all the crevices and straps. I promptly washed all of the car seat covers and detailed the cars the day after the boys came home to avoid any further embarrassment.

I'm sure Jason and Kate slept well after the boys left because it was a busy and exciting visit. They made smiley face pizzas for dinner, visited the park and went to the zoo. Jude stayed busy cooking the cookbooks and Jonah cleaned their house (wearing a helmet-must have been pretty dirty).

They took pictures and notes during the visit. Kate provided a comprehensive list of memorable quotes from Jonah:
-"I have a dirty butt."
-"Do you want to hear a funny joke? An animal walked into the woods and took a poop."
-"Do you want to hear a scary story? [Done in a whisper voice] A scary animal walked into the woods and took a poop."
-Jonah planning not to tell Mandy about petting a snake at the zoo because "Mommy will be mad." "
-"Please don't tell my mommy that I petted a snake at the zoo."
-"I farted"
-"Did you hear that? I farted."
-"I farted!"
-"Ha! I farted!"
-After Kate apologized for "snapping at Jonah" he said "You mean like this?" and made a snapping motion with his hands.
-"I hate your house."
-"I like your house."
-While napping with Kate. Jonah: "What is that?" Kate: "A mobile." Jonah: I like that [the mobile] and the vines [hanging plants] and that [purple wall] and that [pink poster]. I like your room"
-"Thank you for sleeping over with me."

Thank you for the fun visit with the boys. We really, really, really enjoyed the break.

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